Auction Sniper Ranking

What is an Auction Sniper:

An auction sniper is a program that let you auto bid near the end of an auction. This will rise the chance of winning! Actually about only the 5% off the ebay users knows about it, although it is a very powerful tool that totally knockout your bidder opponents.

An auction sniper places your bid in the closing moments of an eBay auction, after other bids are submitted, so there is no time for your bid to be countered.

Web based: Web based snipers are services offered and works from an internet server. If you don't like to give your login information to 3rd parties then you should choose auction sniper softwares.

Sniper Softwares: Sniper Softwares runs from your pc. These are not as exact as the web based but you don't have to shre your login information... So we choose the software sniper over the web based services.



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